HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016

HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016 – Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal

Many of us have been waiting eagerly for a web-hosting service with impressive deals. Now we have got the HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal coming ahead! This is a great choice for anyone who’s looking forward to starting his own franchise, business website or for that matter, a personal blog.

HostMonster is indeed a superior way of web-hosting. It’s one of the best services available today online. This company has been providing web hosting service since a very long time.

They have been able to provide reliable and satisfactory and cost-effective support and services since 1996, and they are sure to do so in future.So, if you’re looking for getting a trustworthy web-hosting service this Black Friday, with a great discount, HostMonster is what you need.

Now if you want to get detailed information about their service, you are at the right place.


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HostMonster Does As It Says

It’s very common to ask “Why HostMonster?” when you are just beginning. In fact, it is a must that you should know what makes a website hosting service so great.

When it comes to HostMonster, there are a good number of reasons in calling it one of the best webhosting services available.

There are actually a huge number of features. But only many them make HostMonster the best one to run after this Black Friday and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal.

Here they go:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer
  • Unlimited POP3/POP3 Secure Email Support
  • 1-Click Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

Don’t think, these are all that HostMonster offers.

They have a huge number of offers, features, and services. The ones mentioned above are the sort of features that make it almost superior. So this Black Friday, if you must think “Why HostMonster?”

Here’s your answer.

But that’s not all.

HostMonster Offers 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Surely, we all have different needs and levels of satisfaction. One service may seem good for one but may not seem so for another. HostMonster does promise satisfaction of their customers, that’s for sure.

However, if you are not satisfied after trying their service after purchasing on this HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016 and want to cancel, you can do that with a satisfactory outcome.

You can cancel within and after 30 days of your registration: -If you cancel within 30 days, HostMonster promises to provide you with a full refund on your hosting service.

And for some reasons, if you cancel after 30 days, you still will receive a prorated refund of the amount remaining on your hosting term.

There are some conditions regarding their refund. But they also work for you. After all, as a Webhosting service, HostMonster has to keep its word.

One of the conditions dictates that while signing up with HostMonster if you register a domain with it, the money expended will not be refunded. There are good reasons behind this. The act of registering the domain also costs the web hosting service. So, it is just that they keep their due. Plus, this also ensures that you do not lose your domain name.

You can freely transfer or point the domain elsewhere as you please, but of course only after the required “Lock Period.” Most importantly, you can hold the ownership of that domain under your name as long as the registration period permits.

But in case, you extend the registration period your domain will remain accordingly.

That is to say, HostMonster’s money-back guarantee applies particularly to their hosting plans. It does not, as you already learned, apply to add-on services like domains.

It is due to their cost.

One other important thing is, there are no hidden costs/penalties when you wish to end your term early.

Now Let’s Get Deeper Into HostMonster


Here we will talk about some features mentioned above and see how their availability profits you.

Unlimited Disk Storage

Running a website is a lot like maintaining a house with a huge family. You need ample space in the house to accommodate all the family members and their stuff. If the house is not big enough, things become slow and cramped.

Such is the case for a website if the host does not provide you with sufficient space to assemble all your necessary things.

But with the BHostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal, you don’t need to worry about that. Because it offers unlimited disk storage for all the things, you need to run your site.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

After you register with HostMonster, you will surely get a domain and a domain name. With this HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016, when you sign into HostMonster, you are not only getting a great web hosting service but also a medium to host as many domains as you need.

This is a very effective measure. While in other website hosting services, they have a limited domain hosting capability. But when you avail the HostMonster BlackFriday deal2016, you get to host all the domains you need to run your website, which is also your medium of business.

Unlimited Add-on Domains

HostMonster not only lets you host domains directly from their service, but they also let you access add-on domains.

If you are using multiple web-hosting services, and finding it tiresome to access each of them, HostMonster is your buddy.

Through HostMonster Black Friday deal 2016, you get to add all your domains within one control panel. As a result, your work becomes easy, and you can run your business smoothly.

It’s like having multiple offices, which you can look after from one room!

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a very crucial thing for running a website. Almost everything depends on it. Most importantly, bandwidth asserts how much the visitors, or you, are satisfied with the site.

While other web-hosting services offer only a limited bandwidth, like 10 GB, HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016 has more than that. In fact, none can offer more than Hostmonster, because it offers you an unlimited bandwidth right when you start!

This feature allows your site to run smoothly. No matter how many viewers come to tour site, your site will not falter. It will run perfectly fine, offering your customers a pleasant service, which will flourish your business. You can manage your site without having to get stuck. HostMonster works to ensure that all its clients get a satisfactory result of their service.

Unlimited GB Of Site Transfer

Sites are big ships that take a lot of space. Transferring such big lots is a hassle. Mainly, because as sites are big in size, so taking them from one place to another takes a lot of time. Most of the times, you end up waiting for as long as two hours or more data, website information and domain transfer. But if your host has a preset limit for jobs like this, you could fall into a pit.

But with HostMonster Black Friday Deal 2016, you don’t have to worry about any pit. It offers you unlimited GBs of site transfer. So, if you get the deal on Black Friday and want to transfer your other sites to your new web host, be happy to do it. Independent of the site’s volume, you can move your sites with ease.

1-Click Install

With all the benefits as mentioned above, what if the site you registered for asks for a tricky way to access it? It will seem like a sham, right? But it won’t be. HostMonster offers as much ease as possible on their Black Friday’s deal. After registering, you can install the site with just one click! One simple click, yes.

24/7 Support

HostMonster is always there to help you out. If you are new in business, or you face any unexpected difficulty, do not need to panic. HostMonster provides support to their customers 24/7.

This is actually where a web host's real job lies. And HostMonster fulfills it with perfection. They try to provide all the help you need, and whenever you need it. They do not keep you waiting for hours at a stretch or not reply at all. It is their policy to ensure that their customers are getting the best service available.

24/7 Network Monitoring

HostMonster keeps a weather eye on their system all the time. Any failure in their network would affect your site. And if any casualty causes their system to fail, your site would become offline, rendering you helpless.

But with Hostmonster, you can remain assured that your site will stay active. They tackle any problem hampering their network in due time to make sure all their customers can run their sites with ease. So there is no risk for your site to go dead.


With an easier cPanel account control procedure, you will be able to enjoy a superior web-hosting service indeed. Even as a beginner in this field, you can access all of your sites without trouble. And if you do face nay trouble, HostMonster is eagerly waiting to help you out.

So, grab the HostMonster Black Friday deal and enjoy all the satisfying features. There’s more to HostMonster than we have been able to talk about in these few words. You won’t be disappointed, that much we can say.

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