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Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal 2016 – Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal

Usually, users look for quality service along with quality support. And for them, Inmotion Hosting is giving away great deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal.

This article is all about InMotion Hosting Black Friday Deal 2016, we have also included Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving deals details. We have spent out ​hours of time to find out the deal coupons to help our readers to get the service at the best price.

There are many websites hosting services available today, providing users with a variety of features through their Black Friday coupons. So why am I suggesting this, out of all the other? Well, that is exactly why I am writing this review to share my experience with you.

I will go into detail a bit later. Before let us first know some old & new things about Inmotion Hosting and their Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal. So be patient and proceed with me.

Inmotion In Motion

Inmotion Hosting has been around almost since 2001. That is like 15 years ago. During these 15 years, they have undergone a lot of troubles, like the Dot-com bubble, that existed from 2000-2002 and the Subprime Crisis (2008). But they have been able to emerge victorious every time.

And very recently, they have been giving tremendous effort to make themselves the best. InMotion is quite successful in its effort, I must say. I for one thinks it’s the best, and they provide the best Black Friday deals till date.

You can avail InMotion Hosting Black Friday deal 2016 here.​

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100% Uptime

Any hosting service providers’ main concern should be how well they are doing with their uptime. Normally, the average uptime with which we are satisfied is somewhere around 99.75%. That is to say, if any Black Friday coupon says that they will provide 99.75% uptime, we can easily say that it’s a good deal.

However, when you would check the Black Friday’s deal Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal offered by Inmotion Hosting in 2016, you will not find anywhere particularly saying how much uptime they provide and how well their server works.

But from my personal experience and from reviews provided by other users of this service, I can dare to say that Inmotion Hosting provides 100% uptime! Can’t believe my words? Well, you will know that I am right once you start working with them.

Well Supported

The thing is, we will always face some problem, big or small when we are dealing with online services. Some of them are the service providers’ fault, and some are ours (you know, our foolishness). However, the problem is not the thing to worry about. What we should worry about is if the Webhosting deals also offer solutions to our problems.

Contacting them for help is easy, but getting them to heed our prayer is not. But when you contact Inmotion Hosting for any sort of query or problem, they always seem to be on their heels to provide all sort of help we can ask for as customers.

Last year they received a lot of compliments for their customer support facilities.

If you are thinking that getting hosting with InMotion Hosting Black Friday deal 2016 coupon will bar you from getting the best service, you are wrong. Best support is always ensured.​

Free Domain For 1 Year

Inmotion Hosting provides their users with many features that help to build their website and thus their business. And features regarding domains are the most important ones. Without a domain, what good is a site?

So when you register a domain with Inmotion Hosting, you get to have it for free for the first 1 year! Moreover, they provide domain privacy to keep your domain protected. In fact, it provides a free Security Plug-in for your WordPress sites. It keeps your site for your use and also for your visitors.

Free domain offer is valid for InMotion Hosting Black friday deal 2016 too!​

Unlimited Disc Space

To make a site fruitful, you need to give it enough space to flourish. And Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal 2016 does that. They provide the users with an unlimited disc space to build and nurture their sites as much they think necessary. Nio limited value of space inhibits their progress.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal sure that their customers are getting all the services they need to successfully run their business. And to do that, the customers need a proper bandwidth. Without a good bandwidth, no site can run smoothly. Even visitors will face problems when they come to visit the sites.

So, Inmotion Hosting provides their users with an unbounded limit if bandwidth to let them reach all the corners they want to. As a result, all the functions of the site run smoothly. Thus both the owner and visitors of the sire remain happy.

If Inmotion Is So Great, Why Get It On A Black Friday?

You can surely avail any of the web hosting packages any time of the year. So, then why should you wait the whole year instead, and get your service on Black Friday?

It is very simple. On Black Friday (for those who don’t know what it actually is – Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving every year) many markets around the world offer a huge deal of sales for their commodities.

The same happens with hosting deals. Waiting the whole year earns you discounts of up to 70%! The prices drop so much that many of them may seem to be free. So, it is worth it.

Inmotion’s Black Friday Plans

Inmotion Hosting Black Friday deal 2016 provides one of the best deals (if not the best) on this Black Friday. They have designed their price plans keeping in mind the customers and their needs.

They offer some deals, each for a specific group of customers and their needs. Here they are:

  • Business Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

Business Hosting:

This price plan focuses on users who need a static website and database-driven content management.

Black Friday Price Plan:

  • Launch Pack: $4.89/Month (38% Off)
  • Power Pack: $6.29/Month (37% Off)
  • Pro Pack: 10.49?Month (34% Off)

VPS Hosting:

This provides a Linux SSD hosting servers, which helps to build a great website with the help of a good deal of features like free cPanel and free server management.

Black Friday Price Plan:

  • VPS-1000S: $29.99/Month (33% Off)
  • VPS-2000S: $49.99/Month (41% Off)
  • VPS-3000S: $74.99/Month (51% Off)

Dedicated Servers:

Inmotion Hosting provides Linux Dedicated Servers to help you build your site will the things you need, using either of the single core or dual core processor dedicated servers.

Black Friday Price Plan:

  • R-1000S: $19.99/Month (29% Off)
  • R-2000S: $27.99/Month (30% Off)
  • R-3000S: $38.49/Month (30% Off)

So, on this Black Friday, Inmotion Hosting offers a variety of deals. Each of the packs focuses on certain needs. So get the one that suits you and order today to enjoy all the wonderful features.

Satisfactory Refunding

I have used Inmotion Hosting, and I know they are good. But, say you took their offer listening to my words, and you are not satisfied, what would you do then? Surely cancel your service. Is that any better? Well, in case you are not satisfied, Inmotion Hosting will surely satisfy you after you cancel their offer. That is, they will provide 100% refunding of the money you paid.

However, there are two things you should keep in mind. They are:

  • When you purchase the VPS, Dedicated of Reseller hosting package on a month-to-month basis, you will get 100% refund if you cancel your service within the first 30 days
  • And when you purchase the Business, VPS or Reseller hosting packages on a term of 6-month or more, you will get 100% refund if you cancel within the first 90 days.

That is to say, even if you are not satisfied with their service, you would still be out of all sorts of risks.

You Should Get Inmotion Hosting, because:

  • Different price plans that suits all the various types of needs
  • Domain free for the first 1 year
  • Trustworthy customer support
  • 100% Uptime- Free cPanel which is easy to access
  • Best WordPress Hosting options
  • Easy-to-use website building software for beginners
  • 1 TB Site Transfer
  • Unlimited Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email
  • Free SSD Hosting
  • Up to 90-day money back guarantee

The Cons:

  • Lacks Windows server
  • No separate logins for add-ons
  • To get their best service, you would need to avail the Pro pack
  • Out-of-place themes

The Bottomline

I know all these about Inmotion Hosting Black Friday deals 2016 and their facilities because I have used their service and I know, to some extent, what they are capable of. For the same reason I know, if you avail their offer this Black Friday, you won’t be disappointed. But still, the final verdict is yours.

Robert H. Oliver

Complete geek, passionate blogger. Working as an Editor at WeReviewer. He is frequently found at Lifehacker, Gizmodo & Mashable as security analyst & web hosting critic!

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