iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016

iPage Hosting Black Friday Deal 2016 – Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal

Running a website is both easy and tricky business. One has to deal with a lot of things while managing a website, whether it’s for personal use or commercial.

However, the first and foremost thing about getting a website is finding a suitable hosting service and availing a great deal to kick off your business. And the best deals are all available on iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016.

So this Black Friday, if you are looking for a reliable service and best features, you better check out the iPage Black Friday deal. It is possibly the best one available on the internet website hosting market right now.

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Ask Your First Question

Before getting any web-hosting service, you should ask yourself, or anyone concerned, “Why this?” There are a huge number of choices available to you, then why must you choose one particular service?

To be more precise, your question should be “Why iPage?” Why not some other thing? Now I do not know what you are looking for in your iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016 Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal. I am giving this review regarding iPage that does not mean it is the best one of all that there is.

I had a few things in my mind while looking for deals, and I found that iPage satisfies all my needs. And so when I asked myself that same question, I found that the right answer was right in front of me.

iPage offers a lot of features. It’s not possible to mention them all. Instead, here I will just mention some of those features which answered the question

“Why iPage?”


They are as follows:

  • Unlimited Disc Space
  • Scalable Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain Names Allowed
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • Free Domain For 1 Year ($14.99 value)
  • WordPress 1-Click Installer
  • Many Themes & Templates
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • 24/7 Phone and Chat Support

These are the key features that attracted me when I first looked into the iPage Website Hosting Company. For my site, these features helped me a lot. There are, of course, many other features. But since these features answered my question, so I am going to discuss further later in the review.

But before going into the extensive discussion, I have one more feature to mention. Here it goes.

iPage Gives Your Money Back within 30 Days If you Are Not SatisfiedI am just a meager user of internet services. So what suits me, may not suit somebody else. It is also a realistic thing regarding any of the web hosting services.

And so, website hosting service providers like the iPage offers the maximum level of support possible. That is, if after availing the iPage hosting, you are not satisfied with anything that bothers you or your business, you can cancel your service. And iPage promises that if within 30 Days you cancel the service, they will refund the whole amount of money you paid.

There are, however, certain conditions regarding this. If you register any domain through them, they will deduct $15 domain fee. That is, this amount of money is non-refundable.

But when I say iPage offers the maximum level of customer support, I mean that iPage still care about you even after you cancel their service. The reason they deduct the domain fee is that, this money covers their own costs. Plus, with the fee, they ensure that you don’t lose the domain name even after canceling the service. So, later you can simply transfer it wherever you like or point it elsewhere.

That is to say, iPage provides you with their service even after you cancel their service, ha!

Now, It’s Time To Discuss Elaborately

Earlier, I mentioned the number of features that attracted me most. The main reason I am providing this elaborate information is that you can get to know how iPage can benefit you.

Unlimited Disc Space

This helped me a lot. When I started my site, I have to collaborate with a lot of things. In fact, I was previously scared if I don’t get enough space, all my efforts will go in vain.

The disc space allowed me to add all the things I needed to my site. With the iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016, I got unlimited disc space, which allowed me to run all types of things I wanted on my site. But if that were not the case, my site, or any other site would have slowed down, and most of the work would have been hampered.

Scalable Bandwidth

This is a feature particular to iPage. Most hosting services either provide a very limited bandwidth or an unlimited one. Surely the former type of bandwidth is not chosen by many. Most of us look for the latter type, the unlimited one.

But with the iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016 Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal, you get a scalable bandwidth. That is, you can choose the preferred bandwidth you need. You can set up the bandwidth suitable for your site and start working. It is unlimited in that the bandwidth is not fixed. You can have it the way you like it.

Unlimited Domain Names Allowed

iPage is surely the best when I mention this feature. We need one or more than one domains to run our websites. The domains are the life of our websites. Although the cat has the maximum number of lives allotted for any living being, your website built through iPage gets an unlimited number of lives.

That is to say, with iPage, you can have unlimited domain names for your site. And even if you cancel their service within 30 days of purchase, they will help to keep your domain name still (as mentioned earlier). So you should not miss the iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016.

Unlimited MySQL Database

Many of us prefer the MySQL Database when storing their information. It is, after all, one of the best relational database management systems available today. With the help of this system, storing all sorts of information becomes easy and hassle free.

And keeping that in mind, iPage offers in their iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016 an unlimited MySQL Database. This is surely very helpful. This helps to store all sorts of financial records, manufacturing and logistical information, and personal data. And with their unlimited database, storing such records becomes really very simple.

Free Domain For 1 Year

iPage offers a huge variety of features in their deals. It lets you have a free domain for the first 1 year. As a result, in the 1 year, you can run your site cost-effectively.

Running a website is not easy when talking about money. Surely iPage offers you good discount and great support. But if you are a beginner, it could be a bit of trouble. It was so for me. But using iPage makes it all seem easy.

WordPress 1-Click Installer

WordPress is a very important tool for running any website. It has helped me with many things, and it is still helping me. But installing this software is tricky. Many web-hosting services do not provide simple ways of getting it done.

But when you are working with iPage, it is no big deal. They offer a 1-Click WordPress installing facility that makes working with it to help you with your website becomes easy. So, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to install this software and how you will be able to manage everything. iPage assures you an easy web-hosting experience.

Many Themes & Templates

Free mobile friendly template

I have designed my website taking a lot of time and effort. I said time because; I wanted to get the best thing for my site, so choosing the perfect one took me time. And effort because I wanted to make sure everything went seamlessly with each other.

iPage provided me the necessary themes and templates to design my website the way I wanted. So it was already available for me when I availed their iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016.

24/7 Network Monitoring

How your site is going to run, smoothly or with bumps, depends vastly on the web-hosting service provider’s network. If any problem occurs in their network, it will affect your site directly. If their network fails, your site will go offline.

But if you are working with iPage, you will not face any such problems. Because, they provide 24/7 network monitoring, so that their customers get the best service available. If there does occur any problem, they tend to fix it ASAP.

24/7 Phone & Chat Support

The best service providers are those who cooperate with their customers properly. iPage does that. They are always head over heels to help their clients solve all types of problems.

I had some trouble in the beginning, and when I contacted them, they replied pretty soon compared many other web hosting services. They were rather glad to help me out and provided full support.


I would say, I have been with iPage and their service, I have had very little to complain. Well, if I had any complaint, they tried to mitigate the issue in the best way possible. So, I would very much recommend everyone to get the iPage Hosting Black FridayDeal 2016 and enjoy an excellent service.

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