JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016

JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016 – Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal

As a website owner or someone who is thinking of owning one, JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016 are days of good luck when it comes in its fullest form.

So this coming Black Friday, if you are looking for a web hosting service provider who offers a great deal plus great features, I say go for the JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016.

Now you must be thinking how I am saying this out of the blue. But I am not. I have an excellent reason, in fact, a number of them, to state this. And that is why I have sat down to write this review of Just Host before offering you the actual deal.

First Let Me Tell You Why I Chose Justhost


First Let Me Tell You Why I Chose JusthostBefore I availed their JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016 offer, I had set my mind to look for a particular group of features, on the basis which I will choose a web-hosting service. So I looked into all the things about Justhost and some other reviews online. I found out that, Justhost offered me almost all the things I needed, so I chose them.

Now you might ask which things? Out of all the features Justhost promises to provide, I found the following that satisfies my needs:

  • Unlimited Disc Storage
  • User-Friendly Price Plan
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free 1-Year Domain Registration
  • Unlimited GB Of Site Transfer
  • Unlimited Add-on & Subdomains
  • WordPress Installation
  • E-commerce Features
  • Unlimited POP3/POP3 Secure Email Support
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

These bullets will not be of so much help, if you don’t know further about them, esp. if you are a beginner. So, I will provide more info about these points later in this review.

If Unsatisfied, Cancel Your Service


There is a saying which goes like nothing in this world is an unmixed blessing. That is, there’s hardly any hosting service that can actually provide 100% satisfaction to their customers. The same goes for Justhost.

So what can be done if you are not satisfied with their service? Cancel it, of course. But is it favorable? Yes, it is.

Justhost provides its users a 30-Day money back guarantee. And of course, conditions apply.

If you cancel within the first 30 days of your registration, Justhost promises to refund the full amount of money you paid. But if you cancel after 30 days, they will refund the remaining value of the term you signed up for.

There’s a little trick regarding the domains you add to your site. Justhost may say at the beginning that domain names are free, but if you cancel your account, they will deduct some $14.99. There is a reason behind this of course. This value will cover up all their costs and also ensure that the domain remains under your name even after cancellation so that you can transfer or point it somewhere else.

Let’s Discuss Further

I have already mentioned earlier why I chose Justhost among so many other hosting services available. However, I think it would be better if I talk more about them. Here I will try to provide all the things I know about Justhost and their features, and maybe some of their cons too so that you could understand how it works.

Unlimited Disc Space

This is something I always look for into website hosting services. No matter how your website is, you should always see if they are providing you with unlimited space for your site.

Justhost is one service that provides us with unlimited disc space. When I began working with Justhost, I did not face any trouble regarding the disc space. But I have heard of users who say that it is not so unlimited as Justhost claims to be. I don’t know what’s wrong here. But I guess it must be some technical thing, which Justhost should have fixed by now.

User-Friendly Price Plan

Just Host Hosting Plan

Most of the Hosting services today try to provide as much cost-effective service as they can. Some succeed in doing that, some don’t. I think, Justhost has been able to provide this support. They have made their price plans suitable for all sorts of users.

There are two types of plans – Just Plan & Just Plan Premium. The latter surely costs a bit more than the former. It is because the Premium Plan provides you with the ownership if 3 free for life domains. Since the prices vary, so I am not mentioning them here. You can check their JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016 to learn more about it.

Unlimited Domain Hosting


I read in a review that domains are like the life of your sites. It is very much true. And on today’s date, there is no fixed number of domains that makes any site fruitful. That is to say, we may need a huge number of domains to assemble our site and run our errands.

And thinking about that, Justhost offers us with an unlimited domain hosting facility. We can add as many domains we think necessary. And the best thing is, JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016 includes 1-year free domain registration. So, in the first year when you will assemble your site, you can add as many domains as you like and for free.

Unlimited GB Of Site Transfer

To me this feature is great. What does this allow us? This allows us to transfer sites, independent of their sizes, from our previous sites to the new site (which is through Justhost).

I did not have any previous sites, so I don’t know much about its effectiveness. But I have heard from many users that this has let them manage their previous sites and transfer to their new ones without much effort. So, I think it’s really great.

Unlimited Add-on & Subdomains

When website hosting services put a limit to any of their facilities, it becomes pointless in today’s date. Because, whether you are new or not, we all need a variety of things to try out with our sites. It’s an era of competition to the level of a bit. And we all want to make our sites, esp. if we are running a business that has competitors. And this is where Justhost has helped to make things easier for us.

I always like to try new things. And since Justhost allows me unlimited add-ons and sub-domains, so it became easier for me to choose the best for my site.

WordPress Installation


WordPress is like a genie to anyone who is creating contents for online usage. It helps us to do a huge variety of stuffs. And today, the majority of us prefer WordPress more than any other thing. And website hosting services have thus been working to add this to their services, which they have successfully done.

Justhost provides easy installation of WordPress so that working on our sites became a lot easier. I use it for almost everything. I have to thank Justhost, because I have read about website hosting services which, though allows WordPress installation, makes it a hassle when installing it in the first place. So don't miss the JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016.

E-Commerce Features

E-Commerce Features

Justhost provides a lot of stuff in their JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016. Their e-commerce features are quite amazing. It helps us to do business online through our sites. This is a big thing for any online worker like us.

These features help to boost both our confidence and our sites. Page views increase and our sites become able to reach the level we want them to. This is helpful for both online buyers and sellers.

Unlimited POP3/POP3 Secure Email Support

The POP3 is the most advanced version of the standard protocol for receiving emails. It is short for Post Office Protocol 3. This allows us, users, to interact in a more secure way with our site.

Justhost provides an unlimited POP3/POP3 Secure email support. As a result, we can receive emails without much worry, and it is a risk-free service. It lets us receive emails through our service providers and so if there is any spam or anything, it does not reach us.

24/7 Network Monitoring

This is something every Webhosting service provider should do. Most of them do. But not all of their outcomes are satisfactory. But Justhost tries its best to provide us with the best network possible. It is vital to run our websites, which is sometimes the source of our livelihood.

Some have complained about their networks. However, I have had a happy experience with them, so I think they do a very good job here.


I did say I will mention some cons. And sadly there are some bad things about Justhost which one should know before availing their JustHost Black Friday Deal 2016.

Firstly, their uptime is not satisfactory. If you look online, you will see that many are saying that they provide some 99.7% uptime. But my experience says otherwise. They need to work on this more.

Secondly, they are not so good at providing customer support when you need it. There are many ways to reach them – phone, chat, even video chat. It might so happen, that you have called them, and they have put you on hold for more than you can anticipate. But. But once they do connect you with a staff member, you can get your job done.

Lastly, their cPanel. I have had a pleasant experience with the company's cPanel. But I have also read bad reviews about them.In the end, it has been a good experience with Justhost. So it won’t be wrong to recommend all of you to grab the JJustHost Black Friday Deal 2016. I hope, you also have a similar (if not better) experience.

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