SiteGround Black Friday Deal 2016 – Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal

Caution: This article is all about SiteGround Black Friday Deal 2016 - If you are looking for best price of SiteGround, this article will help you. We have also included Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving deal discounts and coupons too!

Thinking of starting your own personal business from home? Want to develop a professional business with a Brand?

Do you want to scale your existing business to new heights?

Now you can do all that with possibly the best "Shared Hosting" service and business hosting solution. Both of them can be accessed at SiteGround.

SiteGround offers you comprehensive shared hosting package and business solution for your personal and professional branding. You can avail all the top notch prices as a part of this Siteground Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal.

Just how good is the deal? Are Siteground’s services really THAT good?

Read this Siteground Hosting Review and you’ll find out.


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Let’s Do a Background Check

Would you believe that SiteGround has 450,000 websites under his belt as a website hosting company? That’s quite cool considering the company took shape back in 2004. 2007 was the turning point with just one person managing the entire framework. After that, this company never looked back.

The company was founded by a bunch of University friends. Since then, SiteGround has maintained the “Philosophy of Handcraft” in their services. Meaning, it provides customized WordPress solutions regarding hosting websites. The support is complete “In-House” based. Each package is fine tuned according to the clients’ preferences. This move is highly praised by the renowned bloggers and internet marketers.

The company has grown in stature since the beginning. It now has 4 data centers in three countries. This is an impressive feat achieved within a short period of time. The current CEO of the company is Tenko Nikolov, and he’s optimistic about the company’s future endeavors.

The Plans SiteGround Has Prepared for You

SiteGround plays it smart. This website hosting provider is the perfect home if you want lightning fast shared hosting environment and a few added benefits. I am providing a brief rundown on the packages below:

The Startup Plan for Beginners

What if you want the best hosting environment for your website but don’t have the budget for it? SiteGround still will let you own your own hosting account with the Startup package. At only $3.95 a month, you’ll get a hosting account that provides room for 10,000 monthly visitors. Also, you’ll have all the essential features required for your Hosting Account.

Not to mention, there is an option to upgrade your level as a member. But with this plan, SIteGround provides too much than its competition for the beginners.

The Grow Big Plan

The “Grow Big” plan is suitable for a growing business that requires multiple websites. It does as it advertises in just under $8 dollars ($7.95 to be precise). With, the power to host multiple websites and 20 GB storage limit, comes the privilege of hosting 25,000 visitors per month.

The Grow Big plan is perfect for Niche Website owners. With the added mileage of “Premium Features”, the marketers will surely drive home the advantage. This plan can be even cheaper if you hold the “SiteGround Black Friday Coupon” at your disposal this year.

The Grow Geek Plan for Professionals

Need the extra bit of perfection to your hosting account? You can have that at 80% discount with SiteGround Black Friday Deal and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal. Normally priced at $14.95 a month, it is suitable for web sites with a maximum of 1,00,000 visitors per month.

With 30GB of storage limit, you can play around with your website’s features and how you offer your content. Besides the essentials and premium features, you’ll get the upper hand with “Advanced Level Features (like level 3 of super-cache)” over your competitors.

With the Grow Geek and Grow Big packages, you can host multiple websites. But the amazing thing is, they all come with a free domain of your choice. And now, from this year’s Black Friday to Cyber Monday, you can get the subscription at a dirt cheap rate.

If, just in case, you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting service, don’t look at SiteGround’s shared hosting plans alone. They have “Managed WordPress Hosting Service” in their inventory as well. Cool deal, right?

How Does Siteground Perform as a Hosting Provider?

All these plans will mean nothing if the performance is like a sore thumb right? Well, SiteGround Hosting delivers the goods when it comes to performance. The website ByteCheck reveals that my SiteGround hosted website responds at 197ms. It fully loads at an incredible speed of 415ms.

When you consider that I tested with the shared hosting package active on my website.This wasn’t the “One Time Wonder” as they call it. My sites are moderately heavy, and yet the loading speed is top notch. Furthermore, I run my websites on WordPress. Siteground has many “Wordpress Specific” perks that speed my websites up even further.

Just to make it clearer, your websites will still load quicker than 450ms even if you turn down the “Caching” system thanks to this website hosting service.

The Uptime Issue

This is the most common dread any Shared Hosting Package has to face.

SiteGround is proud to provide 99.99% uptime. This is guaranteed as a lot of website owners have tested this aspect. You can even hit 100% uptime mark with SiteGround on occasions. But it is safe to say 99.99% is the constant ratio.When you are using a shared hosting service, getting 99.99% uptime is a sheer stroke of luck, trust me. But SiteGround has been doing it for quite some time now. This is a constant feat achieved by none so far. I am speaking from my experience as a marketer.

How Good is the Customer Support?

To put it in one sentence, “The Customer Support of SiteGround is made for the first-timers”. You can expect help in any situation and with anything that you need. The best thing about SiteGround is that they don’t beat around the bush. Rather the solutions are to-the-point and precise.

You can take advantage of Siteground’s Ticket System as well. They have the 24/7 live call or chatting service active too. But to be frank, the ticketing system is just as good as their live support. You’ll have their replies within minutes of posting about a nagging issue on their website.

The members of SiteGround’s support team are industry experts in their respective fields. Siteground does well to put the personal profiles of its support staff on the website. As a beginner venturing into shared hosting platform, anybody would feel comfortable right from the get-go thanks to this initiative.

Siteground staff not only takes care of your website’s issues, but they also take care of the issues of WordPress too. That is one more reason why you should choose SiteGround Black Friday Deal and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal this year. The staff will treat you “Hands on” and you’ll learn so many things from them if you are a beginner in the world of websites.

Why Should You Get SiteGround Black Friday Deal 2016?

If you are not convinced yet, let me mention few of the additional benefits I was hiding inside my hat. First of all, SiteGround puts “WordPress Specific Features” inside their hosting packages. Meaning, it provides Auto WordPress installations, WP-CLI feature, Staging options and you can auto update the WordPress supported plugins.

SiteGround Black Friday Deal 2016 /Black Friday coupon gives all these to you at up to 80% discounted price. Also, you’ll have cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting options to choose from. There are backup services, security features, and malware protection if you need them

I’d say Siteground Black Friday deal 2016 is a “Once in a year” opportunity to avail all these at a negligible price.

Pros of SiteGround Hosting

  • Siteground delivers FAST server performance even on a shared package.
  • 24/7 Live Chat and Calling option with the Ticket system and friendly yet experienced support staff.
  • You will get a free domain, auto installing privileges and SSL.
  • Data centers are located in Amsterdam, London, Singapore and USA that you can choose from.
  • SuperCache and Google Page Speed Module ensure you have a FAST website.
  • The authorities monitor the server continuously for uptime issues and failure in performance.

The Cons of SiteGround

  • The basic plan is a bit too basic with support for only one domain.
  • The Grow Big and Grow Geek plans are costlier when you consider the competition Siteground has.
  • Siteground comes with limited space for storage compared to the competition.

Takeaways from My Review

Let’s face it, Siteground is not the Cheapest Webhosting Service” around. But when it comes to their quality, they do turn the meter up by long strides. When we consider hundreds of hosting companies all over the globe, SiteGround has a well-earned place right at the top.

For me, the “Managed WP Hosting Service” of Siteground wins it over all the other companies. Then there are the Siteground Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount coupons. With up to 80% off from the original price, this year, Siteground will beat the traditional Website Hosting Providers even in the “Price” aspect of things.

All in all, Siteground right now, is a complete package. I’ll recommend this service for beginners and moderately experienced site owners.

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