WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016

WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 – Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal

If you are looking up on the internet about hosting services and wondering which company to choose for your newest website, WPEngine might not be a bad choice. Over the course of six years, WP Engine has delivered steady performance as a host. Be it server uptime, customer support, service layout or bandwidth allocation, they come out on top with flying colors.

The WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. What is better than to offer you a WP Engine Black Friday Deal? So, I decided to review WP Engine’s hosting services for you along with offering you a deal you cannot refuse.

The Start of WPEngine

WPEngine began its journey on 2010. In just over six years, the company is a healthy bunch of 400 employees. The hosting provider bases itself in Austin, Texas, USA. Jason Cohen is the founder of WPEngine and the primary shareholder as well.

Jason came up with the idea as at that time, there were no hosting companies that would cater WordPress’ issues correctly. Jason felt it was necessary to have a hosting service specially cut out for WordPress and its ever changing patterns. Hence came WPEngine.

WPEngine’s hosting packages (which we’ll discuss below) are ideally suited for any and every WordPress driven website. You’ll immediately notice an upward spark in performance as I did when switching to WP Engine. A decent deal to grab on this WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal I’m sure.

Plans WPEngine Has for You

WPEngine has THE FLEXIBLE PLAN when it comes to WordPress hosting. Of course, it has different grades of hosting, but you can freely customize the perks based on your requirements. Below you’ll find the packages and what makes them special.

The Personal Package:

WpEngine Personal Package

If you are new out of the blocks on the internet, you’ll love it. WPEngine provides more than enough support to start off. You can run one website based on this package. The 10Gb of local storage is sufficient for a start-up business.

I still remember my first time with WPEngine when I had 22K visitors for one of my websites. Fascinatingly, WP Engine provides room for 25K visitors per month on a single website with this hosting plan. Also, you get unlimited data transferring facility. So, it is a pretty sweet package.

The Professional Package

WP Engine Professional Plan

This is what I like about WP Engine. This particular package offers flexibility to you if you have websites with reasonable traffic. This package allows the users to host up to 10 websites. The bandwidth is sufficient for 200K visitors each month. You get a storage of 20gb which is perfect for niche websites or a thriving personal blog or any business that is experiencing steady growth or a group of your clients’ website.

Unlimited data transfers mean that your website will be able to stay up even when people are downloading numerous files and videos at once.Business Package for the Businessmen!

I have a lot of websites being an Amazon Associate. I always appreciate a hosting service that offers me the flexibility to manage all my sites under one roof. This is just one more reason to like WP Engine.

The Business Package is truly made for businessmen with an extensive inventory of websites. With this, you can manage up to 25 websites of yours. You can tackle 400K traffic in your websites per month. This allows you 30gb space for data storage.

Customers will have access to premium features like GeoIP. Normally, this comes at a high rate. But with WPEngine’s Business Plan, you’ll have this within your reach at a modest “Shared Hosting” like price per month.

Get Dedicated Support with Premium Plan

Do you own a brand that requires special attention? With the premium package of WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal, you will find a home for your brand on the internet this year. I work with a lot of people who own ever-growing business franchises. I advise them to utilize this Premium Plan.

As a part of this WPEngine Black Friday Discount Coupon, you’ll have a huge discount on this Premium Package of the host. You can entertain 1 Million visitors with 100 to 300gb of Data Storage service. It is huge! Not to mention, WP Engine Provides unlimited data transfer facilities.

As a part of the Premium Package, you’ll have special care regarding the customer support. With almost no waiting time and fast ticket response, the Premium Package really sets it apart from competitions of WP Engine Hosting Service. How much will it cost you? That is for you and the WPEngine Authorities to decide. All you have to do is to call them to set up a meeting. I’m sure with WPEngine Black Friday Discounts abd Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal; you’ll end up saving a good amount of money on your purchase.

Get Maximum Coverage with the “Enterprise” Package

Wait, there’s more? Yes, there is. This is the most sophisticated hosting plan that WP Engine has come up with for managed WordPress hosting. With this “Enterprise Package”, you will have up to 1TB of data storage facility. Along with 150 WordPress ready domain options, you get multiple servers.

These servers handle the “Load Balancing” of your websites. Also, think about 5 Million visitors that you can cater each month. Plus, all the support you need. All this can be at a cheap rate compared to the normal price of WPEngine because of the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday discount coupon. Just get in touch with the authorities and have a chat.

Why Should You Buy WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday Deal in November?

Since WPEngine is for WordPress supported websites exclusively, you’ll have excellent server uptime and customer support even on shared site plans (the personal, professional and business plans) which we’ll discuss elaborately in the latter part of the article. Also, you’ll have CDN options, largeFS transfers and Staging (where you can copy your own website in minutes). Although CDN has a charge for shared hosting packages, for the two premium ones, you’ll have 1000GB free.

Well, these are just a few of the features. But what if you have all these features at a ridiculously low cost? Yes, WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 Discount Coupon and WP Engine Cyber Monday Discount Coupons offer you these services at 80% discounted price. Cool, isn’t it? Then I suggest you act on it now.OK, How Good is the Server Uptime of WPEngine?

I’ve been in the Niche Website Building Business for over two years now, and as my business grew, I needed a Hosting Provider which could shoulder the burden of my websites. Today, I’m glad I found WPEngine for that.

I have my websites using WordPress. So, WPEngine not only supported the configuration, it boosted my websites’ uptime performance. The recent performance graph of the uptime of my websites shows that the uptime is 99.97%, and this is what most website hosting providers won’t offer you.

and this is what most website hosting providers won’t offer you.With the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 Discounts are approaching, you too can have the amazing web hosting provider’s services at a dirt cheap rate!

Wait! How Good is the Customer Support?

WPEngine Support

With all the perks of this web hosting company I mentioned, you might be considering it already! But for any question lingering about “How Good is the Customer Support,” the answer is great!

The support is as good as advertised. In fact, the Ticketing System works as good as the Live Chat System. They are live 24/7 as they mention. Matthew Woodward complained about their support staff saying that it was lengthy, and the staff is inexperienced.

WPEngine was prompt to act on that criticism. They hired experts in WordPress industry and increased the staff to meet the ever-growing challenges. I got answers to my queries and solutions to my problems within minutes of opening a ticket or knocking them on Live Chat. So, this is one company that delivers what it promises.

Pros & Cons of WPEngine as a Hosting Provider


  • WPEngine provides you top notch uptime. If by any case it doesn’t you’ll get your money back as it is backed by SLA.
  • You’ll have a daily backup of your website and a free malware scan. These services are free. If your website gets hack, you’ll get everything back.
  • You’ll save your money on Malware scans, daily backup charges, CDN costs and many things should you opt for the hosting package.
  • WPEngine provides you with “One Click Restore” as a backup service for WordPress.
  • It provides “EverCache” system for maximum speed and web site compression.
  • LargeFS system allows you to sync up your media files to your Amazon S3 Account. So you have virtually unlimited space for them.


  • WP Engine only supports WordPress. If you don’t have WordPress as a CMS, this hosting service is not for you.
  • If you have low traffic quantity on your websites, then it is costly for those with multiple websites.
  • WP Engine doesn’t come with Email Hosting or Webmail features.
  • It is not the hosting for everyone especially if you are just starting out and have a low budget.

Takeaways from My WP Engine Hosting Review

WP Engine is a fantastic service that delivers on its promises. It takes care of everything while you sit back and sip your favorite brand of coffee. From backups to security and customer issues, they got everything handled. That is where it beats traditional hosting companies. Their customer support is one of the best departments (if not the best) in the industry.

WP Engine digs itself into a hole when you consider it is meant for WordPress driven websites ONLY. But according to the CEO, it hardly affects their business. So, if you have a WordPress website that’s giving you a considerable amount of income and have a budget, you should relocate to WP Engine.

You’ll not have to worry about Website Hacking, Security Issues, Malware or Customer Support ever again. It is a promise. Get yourselves the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2016 and Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Deal today!

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